Great American West


My name is George Hardwick, and I’m an aspiring travel writer and novelist. Ever since I was old enough to read, I’ve been going on armchair adventures through the articles of magazines like National Geographic and Outside, and with different travel novelists such as Tim Cahill, and Bill Bryson.
I love being in the mountains, and I’m lucky enough to find myself living in the wonderful base camp of Boulder, Colorado. Now that I’m here, I have been trying get into every sort of outdoor activity on the face of the earth, and this website is a way of showing my experiences.
I will never forget my first attempt at an extreme adventure. I went camping with my long time childhood friend Evan Cazavilian, (Caz for short), where we tried to walk 150 miles through the Adirondacks with fifteen pounds of white rice and a few pounds of nuts. Needless to say we had to hitch hike out of the woods fairly malnourished with, blisters on our feet, but wanting to start the trail over again as soon as possible.
Since then we have both gone on to lead the most adventurous lifestyle we could afford, and generally stay away from white rice.
This website is a lot like that camping trip, where I do everything wrong until I can find the right way of being a travel writer. I created this website to explore the terrain of travel/adventure in the world of modern media. If you made it this far, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my website. Welcome to the Moderately Extreme!

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