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After driving through a riot on the most dangerous road in the Dominican Republic, it was unbelievable to turn up the driveway of our 5 star, all inclusive, resort hotel. I typically hate resorts. I prefer a nice, cheap hostel, complete with copious amounts of cheap booze and rambunctious travelers. But I have to admit, that they are one of the most perfect places to relax.
The place was a mansion set up with a colorful, colonial style adobe exterior that overlooked a sky blue ocean lined with palm trees, powder white sand beaches, and small tiki huts for sun bathing. Not only that but it had four pools, one of which was equipped with a swim up bar (from which had the dangerous choice of not having to pay for drinks), and waterfalls that added a layer of natural sounding ambiance to the tranquility of the location. After being awake for what was now close to 30 hours, it was like a little slice of heaven.



We went to a delicious multiple course seafood dinner, at a restaurant situated directly over the water. Course after course of seafood in a variety of different forms, from raw, to smothered in sauces, and finally a medley of seafood situated in a field of rice.
Not much later, we did exactly what a person is supposed to do at a resort: sleep. The rest of the trip gets more exciting, but I felt like a story about resorts needed to be included. Stay tuned for more exciting stories about the rest of the Dominican trip. I hope you enjoyed!

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