The Semester Is Over: Time To Drink Beer, and Write Blog Posts!



Its May and most people are thinking about the warm sandy beaches of summer, but I still cant get snow off of my mind. The late spring is the best time for backcountry skiing, because of the low possibility for avalanches. Living in Boulder Colorado, with Rocky Mountain National Park’s heavy snow pack still visible when I roll down my windows and drive to the grocery store, I am constantly reminded that the ski season is not over.



Dragon’s tail is one of Colorado’s classic couloirs, and something my friends and I have been trying to tick off of our checklist. We had attempted the peak the week before, but had to turn back. Our avalanche beacons had mysteriously died sometime during the spring, and being the responsible backcountry enthusiasts that we were, we decided that the dragons tail hopefully wasn’t going anywhere in the next few weeks (you never know what the rest of the dragon is planning to do).
So this weekend, a few of my more experienced friends and myself are planning to return to that spot to finish ski the deep snow that can still be seen from town, and knock one of the classics off our list. Keep your eyes peeled for some sunny, skiing photos, steep descents, and no doubt an exciting story.

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