Where Do Online Casino Games Get Their Inspiration From?

The past years have experienced a number of interesting innovations in the universe of interactive entertainment, or video games. The first thing is that games have evolved from being essentially basic platforms to titles with Hollywood-style productions. The second innovation is actually being considered an evolutionary step back, since these games have been reduced to their simplest game play presentation and structure, focusing on quick amusements that are easy to pick-up-and-play. These “casual games” are primarily made for an audience that seldom or rarely play video games, such as casino players. They play with replicas of the table games and slot machines, with some unique designs which make them works of art and not just amusement machines. Let us look at the places that encouraged the designs of some popular online casino games.


Egypt for “Cleopatra II”

Mystical, powerful and beautiful, Cleopatra blended guile and grace while ruling over Ancient Egypt, and casino players who accept her challenge in this game have to keep themselves from getting distracted by her gaze. The country that this game represents is filled with culture, architecture and art. This is the region that has provided us with centuries of rich history, the Sphinx Petfinder, and the pyramids.


Siberia, for “Siberian Storm”

According to the GeoRef, database, Russia is considered the biggest country on Earth, and it is likely to have a lot of unexplored areas because of its size. Siberia is a huge component of this region, engulfing most of north-eastern Asia. It is able to reach the Ural Mountains and Pacific Ocean to the East, and the Arctic Ocean to the borders of Mongolia and China and the north-central Kazakhstan hillside to the south. With all of these credentials, it is no wonder adventurous casino players think of Siberia as the perfect place for travelers who want to discover uncharted territories. This is why IGT, a Reno-based gaming company, captured the chilly atmosphere of the Siberian region with castlejackpot.com Siberian Storm, which is a good test of character for people who want to conquer it.


Sumatra, for “Sumatran Storm”

In 2008, the Sumatran Tourism Board reported that the total number of tourists who visited the Indonesian island of Sumatra saw an increase from 180,000 in 2007 to 260,000. Because of the island’s pristine mountain lakes, beaches with dark sand, and intense volcanic movement, Sumatra becomes increasingly prominent among people looking for a tropical escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Agoda provides tourists with travel packages to see the Parapat luxury resort near Lake Toba and the tombs and royal palace of Samosir island, while casino enthusiasts can take a trip on the wild side by playing “Sumatran Storm”.
These casual mobile games may lack the aural and visual flair of the ones in the brick-and-mortar casinos, but they still offer players with a fun time.

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