Highlander: A Journey to the top of Aspen’s Highlands


Aspen is famous for its highlands bowl. It dominates the skyline from the city, and towers above the highest chairlift. On a powder day, there is nowhere else in aspen you would rather go, and as I found out by the line of people trying to hike to the top, it was also true on an icy day.
Because so many people hike to the top of highlands, there are steps worn into the ice for your boots. I don’t know how possible the hike would have been without them, because hiking ice in ski boots is a slippery fall waiting to happen.

-It was at that moment that I decided he was a lunatic, but decided to follow him up the mountain anyways. He then made a face and pushed his broken foot painfully into the stiff racing ski boots he used in the backcountry.

But it was worth it when I finally made it to the top. The iconic Maroon Bells were standing off in the snowy distance, and all of the people were essentially partying at the top. Tibetan prayer flags were fluttering in the light breezes of the fair day that surrounded us, and everybody was talking excitedly about the X-Games.

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