Goat Post in Honor of Shark Week


In honor of shark week. I’ve decided to do a post. Using sentences. With just a few syllables. To make mountain goats. Much more extreme.
Thousands of feet. Above the level. Of the sea. These horned omnivores. Roam the rocks. On the cliffs. Of Colorado. Devouring wildflowers. With their children. In a backdrop. Of great scenery.


People can get close to these creatures. But the experience. Can be. Pretty scary.
Sometimes. They give you really meaningful stares. Or park rangers. Will tell you to back up. In very stern. Voices.


On Wednesday. July 25th. Tanner Tillung. Nick Baker. And myself. Found mountain goats. On top of Mount Evans. A 14er. That we cheated on. And drove to the top of.
It was a great opportunity. To take pictures. With Mountain Goats. In their wild. And unpredictable. Habitat.


Tanner Tillung. An experienced. Moderately Extreme Adventurer. Got close. For a great picture. That he will probably show. His parents.
We inquired further. About the incident:
“Tell me how was this day different than any other?”
“Well we had been camping for about a half week, so we were already really tired and didn’t want to climb another 14er. We found out a person can drive up Evans, and we found these mountain goats at the top. I just wish that I had my camera.”


This is Nick Baker. He dared. To get close enough. With his Samsung. Camera phone. To take pictures. Of the goats. Crossing the road. And I got a picture. Of him. Taking this picture. I asked him further. About the incident.


“You know, we climb these mountains all the time. I’d never seen mountain goats before, just a bunch of marmots. So I was pretty excited about it. They all have their babies with them, and we got some awesome shots.”
It was a good day. We had a lot of fun. And got ice cream. In Idaho Springs. When we drove down.

dsc_0187 dsc_0287

(Those who didn’t get this, I made all of the sentences way too short like they do to make things sound more epic in shark week. They generally keep each sentence down to 4 syllables. Watch shark week and you’ll get it.)

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