Getting Our Goat: Encountering a Goat On the Sun Road


After three days and nights in the park, we finally saw our mountain goat as we were leaving. It happened at the top of Logan Pass, on highest point of the Road to the Sun (the road running through Glacier). There was a fenceless area with an overlook that an Australian walking barefoot in the glaciated snow was looking over with his girlfriend. Below us was a massive valley with waterfalls and glacial patches intermingled with emerald green grass. Our goat simply walked around the edge of the bushes and into our laps.


The goat was completely unafraid of us and came in pretty close. We made sure to stand as still as possible, because TV had taught us that animals, like dinosaurs, cant see a person if they stand perfectly still. We tried to keep our movement down to just the cameras as the goat looked at us quizzically, but I was sure that this was just the goat looking through us. The plan was going perfectly.


Then a park ranger came by and told us that 15 feet is the generally accepted minimum distance for mountain goats, and let us know that goats have much better sight than humans. We took a few slow steps back.
He walked back and forth across the area, while a group of tourists and myself moved like a sea of fish in a 15 foot perimeter around the animal as he walked around the area. At the pinnacle of his activity, he approached a family filled mini van, forcing the kids and their parents to hop back in before he rammed one of their mirrors off. I believe they were driving a dodge.


Eventually our new friend walked back to a more obscure section of the area, and we decided it was about time to do the same. Check out the rest of these pictures we took during the drive. Best road in America.

dsc_0310 dsc_0363 dsc_0367 dsc_0384

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