Great Riding Close to Boulder: Betasso Preserve, Canyon Link, and Benjamin Loop

Betasso Preserve is one of the staple rides for people in Boulder Colorado. Just a few minutes up Canyon Road, which runs through the center of town, it is not only the easiest trail to reach, but a flowy good time.
There are three different sections available in Betasso.
The Canyon Loop (Clockwise & all downhill):


Benjamin Betasso Loop (Counter-clockwise & all downhill):


Betasso Link Trail (All downhill):


How to get there with a car: In Helpful bullet Points
• Drive up Canyon to the beginning of the first and only tunnel, and the parking lot is on your right. This will also bring you to the Canyon Link Trail, which is a little more difficult, but a lot of fun. There is also another access point to get around the link on Sugar Loaf Road, if you do not feel comfortable on a black diamond trail.

How to get there without a car:
• At the RTD bus station, get on the bus for Nederland (Cost of 4-5 dollars). Tell the bus driver you will want the Sugar Magnolia Road bus stop. It is exactly like the Grateful dead song. From the drop off, ride uphill towards Sugar Loaf, and follow the signs leading to Bettasso Preserve.
• This is my favorite way to ride these trails, because I can simply ride my bike directly back into town, without having to worry about the car. I also get to do the Canyon Link Trail this way, without having to ride all the grueling way up. It’s a win win.

Description of the Different Sections of the Trail: In Helpful Bullet Points
• The trail will be either going clockwise or counter clockwise. I prefer the counter clockwise direction because it is more fast and flowy, but either way can be a good time.
• The trail runs through a wonderful forest, and it is not uncommon to see deer scampering about around the trail. Be aware though, because the deer of Boulder Colorado are mysteriously unafraid of human beings, so it isn’t always guaranteed that they will jump out of your way as fast as you might like. They are a beautiful obstacle.
• There is a Benjamin Bettasso Loop halfway through the Bettasso Loop trail. If you have a time crunch, I do not recommend it, but it is always an awesome time, and adds a little extra to your ride. I prefer the counter clockwise direction for this trail. It is a little more fast and flowy.
• The trail is closed on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This is pretty strictly enforced during the summertime, but my friend and I have gotten away with riding on these days in the late fall and wintertime.

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