Top 3 Restaurants in Moab


So you are in Moab Utah and you are starving hungry. Do not make the same mistake as me, do not go to Denny’s. My trip to that Denny’s consisted of waiting 40 minutes with coffee that had its beans substituted for dirt, for an omelet I should have really made myself.


There are many awesome restaurants in the town of Moab, but it is hard to chose between them if you are really hungry. Let me show you three of my favorite places:

#1 Top of the list: Love Muffin Café

  • This place will be pretty crowded, but has a diverse menu. I could go crazy (which I did) and order the 10 dollar poutine (my favorite meal), or get something more simple for an economic price.
  • The place is busy though, so be prepared to wait for a table.

#2 Runner up: Peace Tree

  • I only say runner up because this place doesn’t have the economy choices. There food is very filling though, so it is hard to go wrong here if you are hungry.
  • They also have a smoothie bar. You can make pretty much any smoothie.

#3 Last, but not least: Moab Diner

  • This is one of those solid diners that has probably been around since the 50’s. Great service, good food, and great atmosphere to sprawl out if you are super tired.
  • Much better than Denny’s

These are just a few options amongst a sea of different places. What is your favorite place to eat in Moab? Let me know, and I will give you an internet high five! Happy Travels!


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