Spiraling Into Mexico


I flew into Cancun with a rambunctious crowd of college kids, ready for a few drinks and to begin chasing women around the beaches. Then I got on a bus with just a few of these college kids, most of whom were European, and got off in Playa Del Carmen. While waiting for the ferry to leave, I happened to witness this particular activitywhich I cannot name, but left a lasting first impression on me:


To say the least I immediately felt that I was in a different country. My time in Playa Del Carmen felt a like it was cut short after that. I was interested to see more, and no doubt will very soon. The Playa is known as the chic European alternative to Cancun. This I can personally confirm, as in the brief time I was there, I noticed mainly quiet Europeans on in the squares, and a lot of men in speedos on the beaches (very European) as well as a soccer game taking place over a large portion of the beach. The playa unfortunately does not have the scuba diving I was looking to get into, so I am now on my way to Cozumel. This is just the beginning of a month long excursion through the Yucatan. Follow me the rest of this trip through the Yucatan, while I explore different Maya Temples, scuba dive some of the best reefs in the world, and get lost (hopefully not desperately so) in some of the jungle reserves out here. It is bound to be a wild trip, and as long as I have my computer I would like to share it with all of you. Thanks for viewing this post!

Getting Lost In Barcelona


I found this statue of a mastodon in one of Barcelona’s many interesting parks. It was a blazingly hot day, I was hung over, and pretty much broke at the end of my Euro trip. Trying to find a beach the cheapest way possible, by walking around, I quickly found that I didn’t know where I was going, but that I also didn’t really care. Getting lost is usually a great way to find something new.


I could not find the name of the park, but it did have a zoo in it. Barcelona is not one of those cities where you would want to visit a zoo though, even if you do have the money for it. If you find yourself in this park, be sure to look for the golden statues, because the mastodon is near there.


In this beautiful amphitheater with golden statues shooting water out of different orifices, there is the mastodon. Barcelona is interesting enough to have a mastodon statue where the temperature is usually tropical.


I didn’t end up making it to the beach. My sense of direction will usually get me anywhere but where I originally wanted to go. But the warf was an interesting day trip in itself.


To close off this post, I would encourage everybody to get lost at least once in the town they are visiting (so long as you aren’t in a very dangerous city). The surprise of finding something you never expected to see is what exploring is really all about. Have fun in Barcelona, and be sure to be like the city, and do something unexpected.