Barcelona and Gaudi: Surrealism in the European Buildings


Park Guell is one of those excitingly, Alice in Wonderland kind of places, that I only thought existed in video games or movies. Then I saw it firsthand. It was designed by Gaudi, and like most of his work, acts as a blending between the natural world, and the structures of our civilization. I like to think this is the sort of tip of the tongue feeling every body gets when they consider how badass his park is.


Located towards the mountain range that borders Barcelona, the park offers a sprawling view of the city, and a unique view of Gaudi’s especially striking Sagrada Familia:


Barcelona, and most would argue modern architecture, would not be the same without the influence of Gaudi. His influence is all over Barcelona, which has found a way to make the abstractly functional intricacies of Gaudi’s style look professional. The architecture is a major reasons why Barcelona is my favorite European city. It gives off the feeling of being in quasi science fiction video game.


It is very easy (and I must say I am also guilty of this), to decide to party all night every night, and never get to see much of the city. This is a big mistake. Even if you are half asleep, a visit to Sagrada Familia, and at least one of Gaudi’s apartments is a must. You will kick yourself later if you don’t.


If you decide to go (and you cant miss it if you are staying in Barcelona), wear some durable walking shoes. It is a bit of a hike to get up there. Taxi’s are always in service, and great if you have the money to spend, or are experiencing a disability of some kind. But I prefer to think of it as just another great excuse to see more of the city on foot, stop for some refreshments with a friend, and replace a trip to the gym with an experience. Some might call it a little crazy to walk that far, but I like to think of it as moderately extreme.


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