Eating in Switzerland: The bottom of the Swiss Cheese

At the bottom of the Swiss Cheese, I feel like I need to talk about some food. The cheapest way to go through Switzerland is by making your own food. Most hostels have cooking facilities because they recognize the cost.I spent most of the time eating cheese tortellini.


If you want to hike a mountain like this:137

Cheese tortellini is not the worst way to go. Most meals cost around 25 dollars, even for something as average as McDonalds. The Swiss have a great economy, and this is why citizenship to their country is the hardest to get in the world. Unfortunately, it is also why it is one of the most expensive.

If you want to live cheaply in Switzerland, it is best to do it self sufficiently. Buying your own food, even if it means eating cold granola for a day, is cheap. But there is also another way. There were several places, one of which sold braughtworst sausages on the side of a village road, another was a grocery store. The food was cheap in both places, particularly so in the grocery store. Though it may not feel the most authentic buying cheap food from a place like the massive grocery store, it will keep you living out of a backpack, or a briefcase longer than the traditional Swiss restaurants. (But eat out at least once because cooked food is very comforting.)

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