Snow Gods and Snow Snobs


These are some pictures from an awesome blue-bird (or completely sunny without a cloud in the sky) day. For most of us in Colorado, we cant help but feel like the snow gods are punishing us. Utah and Montana are both approaching the 100 inch barrier, and we are still dodging stumps and dinging the bottoms of our skis on rocks. dsc_0001

(Signs like this used to be taken seriously 2 years ago)

There are a lot of snow snobs in Colorado for good reason, but skiing isn’t all about face shots and knee deep powder. Skiing is the thrill of playing as your form of exercise. I personally get claustrophobic when I go to gyms, so I like to think of my season pass as a gym membership. While we cant yet be jumping off the 10 foot cliffs that really get the blood pumping this season, I have found that this is a good time to get back in touch with the groomer runs.dsc_0028

If the snow gods are indeed punishing Colorado, they are only punishing the non-die hard skiers. I hope you all enjoy the pictures!dsc_0058

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