Chilling in the Cold

We finally got some snow in Colorado.

Some friends and I decided that it was worth braving the negative degree temperatures to ski some of the back bowls that opened at Breckenridge. We found that the cold weather kept most of the other skiers in the lodge, so we covered our faces and skied as much as possible.

Skiing is great for the feeling you get at the end of the day, when your legs feel like jelly and your face still burns from the icy winds, so any nominal comfort feels fantastic. A heated car can feel like paradise, a slice of pizza is a slice of heaven, and if you can find a hot tub you just might cry real tears of joy. The winter months can be beautiful when you poke your nose into a patch of open space, so I encourage whoever may be reading this article to get outside, make yourself as uncomfortable as possible, have fun, and then come back to the paradise of a comfy chair.


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