Boulder Colorado: The Sacrificial Slabs

Boulder Colorado: The Sacrificial Slabs

There is a place where the rocks rise out of the ground like ancient slabs for sacrifice, a place where the prehistoric sounds of dinosaurs can still be heard during the parties that rage into the morning, a place where bears and mountain lions roam through town, and a place where deer don’t care if they get shot. This place is Boulder Colorado, and it is one of the safest places to be extreme.

The Flatirons rise off of their mountains like a set of beginner climbing walls, or a fleet of intergalactic star ships. Because of their less than vertical incline, a climber can lean against the rock any time they are feeling uncomfortable, and remain relatively safe.

This is also a great place to go hiking. Getting close to these rising monoliths of rock is probably more cool than being on them, as there is not so much fear of death, and they are easier to see from a distance. While hiking, a person can get to the top for a view of boulder, and the beginning of the Great Plains, or they can visit the Royal Arch, which frames the rest of the front range in its circular diameter.

There are also a pair of caves near the area, though these are momentarily closed off for the bats white nose syndrome. These bats are undergoing a serious rehab program, and find the activities of hikers distracting to overcoming their addictive habits.

All in all, the flatiron mountains are more than just a place for hiking and wonderment, they are a place that still holds all of the superstitious magic that put the witches on trials,and killed all of the dinosaurs with a meteor.


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