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img_0585Welcome to the Moderately Extreme!
I grew up reading articles and watching videos about adventurers in far out places, doing activities that made my hands sweaty as I watched. I always wanted to be a part of that action, but didn’t know how, and was scared to try.
The difference between what I thought then, and what I think now is in my attitude. I have shifted from, “I can’t do that.” to “Maybe I’ll try the easiest version of that.” Sure, not much of a change, but attitude makes a big difference in everything I do. Whether its planning a large backpacking journey through a foreign country with no plan other than adventure, or a day in the backcountry, it is the way I look at the unknown, potentially sketchy situation that gets me through it.
This attitude has led me from jumping off the small 3-4 foot boulders (which I found to be the scariest step towards hitting an actual cliff), to hitting a cliff as large as 30 feet… on a powder day… one time… when I was feeling frisky. Having done it once, I know I will be back on that ledge again.
My goal for this website is to show anyone who has ever found themselves wanting to go on a backpacking adventure, step onto a cliff with their climbing gear, or turn their skis away from the resorts towards a set of big mountains, should peruse this website for stories and itineraries on how to do it. These places aren’t as hard to reach as I had originally imagined. There is always a comfortable ledge to catch your breath on while scaling the walls of the extreme.
Please armchair travel my website to see some of the stories I have written about adventures in the past. Or feel free to send me a message on any questions you might have about a trip of your own.

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